Sonia Byrnes

Sonia Byrnes

sonia-byrneOn today’s episode, I interview Sonia Byrnes, a brilliant Australian teacher who spent a great deal of time working with a personal trainer in a private studio. Deep down, she often felt that something was "off," but she couldn't quite put her finger on it. Through much self-discovery, she realized that the culture had a shaming undertone. Sonia has since left the studio and has found many ways to move her body in ways she loves. You can find her writing memoir type letters on her blog to connect with others who experience the same shame she did. Her devotion to helping her students grow up with a positive body image and relationship to moving their bodies is down right inspiring. Please welcome Sonia to the show!

Show Notes:

  • Sonia's relationship to movement
  • What inspired her to work with a personal trainer in the first place
  • The ways her studio measured her "success" (being weighed, ringing a bell)
  • In her heart of hearts, she knew "something" was off. She followed her gut and left
  • An email newsletter she received from her gym that left her jaw on the floor
  • Her response to said newsletter
  • What progress over perfection means to Sonia
  • Actionable steps that you can take if you feel uncomfortable in gyms or with your personal trainer

Connect with Sonia: