Level 1

LEVEL 1 - #Reti2Go

A “Couch to 5k” concept: No prior or recent exercise experience is necessary and after 90 days you will feel energized, confident, and be Reti for more! Take our quiz to see if our Level 1 Program is right for you. Each workout is intentionally structured in a very specific way. #Reti2Go requires minimal equipment so that you have the flexibility and convenience of exercising anywhere.

In the program PDF you will find instruction for each workout with visual demonstrations, repetitions, and time allotment of each exercise. Exercise programs can be complicated, so we carefully designed our programs to be easy to follow. This PDF download is easily accessible on your mobile device, tablet, and laptop.

Visit our FAQ page for more guidance or contact us at hello@retifit.com with any purchasing questions.


Each week is broken down into approximately 90 minutes of exercise consisting of three 30 minute workouts per week. We recommend Monday/Wednesday/Friday. Workouts progress in difficulty every two weeks.

  • Mondays: Cardio & Legs
  • Wednesdays: Arms & Core
  • Fridays: Total body workout

Each workout is broken down into two circuits and each circuit is completed twice.

  • Circuit One: 6 minutes
  • Rest: 60–90 seconds
  • Circuit Two: 6 minutes
  • Rest: 60–90 seconds
  • Chair or step: 2–3 feet tall
  • Dumbbells or books: 3lbs–10lbs
  • Jump rope (Length? When standing on the middle of the rope with one foot, the ends of the rope should touch your armpit.)
  • Mat (optional)

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Level 1 Program Training
  • PDF program
  • Demonstration videos of every exercise
  • Performance skill of the week

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