I’m Breaking up with my SmartPhone

I’m Breaking up with my SmartPhone

I'm Breaking up with my SmartPhone - Blog

Recently I've noticed that everywhere I go, my cell phone remains glued to my side. Call it fate, but shortly after making this observation, I hopped onto periscope only to find myself in a scope about none other than “should you break up with your cell phone?" I absolutely loved everything she had to say and was immediately inspired to dialogue about it with my community.

The truth is, I don't believe in the "black or white" mentality. It's intimidating and almost always sets us up for failure. Instead, I challenged my viewers to join me in being more present during the day. To spend time with loved ones without needing to be connected 24/7. We made a pact to start small, which meant intentionally not looking at our phones for 30 minutes when we first awoke. Nothing sets a worse tone for the day than rolling over while you're still in bed only to discover a nasty email. Instead, I challenged viewers to get up and go about their normal routine, sanz (without) their phone. I also challenged my community to put their phones away one hour before bed. I've found this to be a game changer for me, and while I wasn't 100% successful on day one, I found it to be increasingly easier as time went on. I slept more restfully as the stimulating glow my screen puts off was no longer making me feel anxious and wired at night.

What I loved most about sharing this with my community is that I knew I wasn't alone. I knew that by challenging them to join me, we'd all be more likely to follow through. Every day since the challenge I've asked viewers how it's been going and we've been extremely transparent about our experiences with one another. Some struggled heavily, others found it refreshing. As I always remind them, here at RetiFit, we're all about progress over perfection. I knew it was unrealistic to even ask myself to give up my phone for an entire day, which is exactly why I'd never ask that of my community. Baby steps and the desire to better ourselves without expecting the outcome to be perfect carries us a long way.

Interested in joining the challenge? Make sure to follow my handle Periscope_50x50 on periscope. I talk about a variety of things from inspirational moments to recipes and workouts. I'd love to see you there so I can get to know you and support you on your journey to living a more intentional life, one free of perfectionism.

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