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About Ben - Ben has struggled his entire life fighting an “all or nothing” approach to things. Whether it’s food & drinks, body image, academics, exercise, friendships, or work related—Ben often finds himself in a “black and white” mindset. He understands this isn’t always healthy AND that it’s very difficult to sustain over time. He set out to learn more about himself and these behaviors so that he might help his cause to choose progress over perfection within his own life and then draw from his experience to help others do the same. As a Licensed Professional Counselor Candidate (LPCC) in Colorado, and with an MA in Sport & Performance Psychology from the University of Denver, a BA in Psychology from Southern Methodist University, and as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Ben has developed a unique and useful perspective in his approach to helping others become a healthier version of themselves. During his time as a personal trainer and fitness director, Ben captured some of the words from those whom he helped in so many ways. See what people have said about Ben.

Through RetiFit, Ben is working to create a recognizable global brand that focuses on helping others by integrating both mental and physical health and choosing progress over perfection.


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