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About Ali - Ali describes her perfectionist tendencies as anxiety provoking, stressful, and not healthy for herself or those around her. Ali preaches that exercise, particularly the type that RetiFit prescribes, is a game changer in reducing these negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Ali has chosen to dedicate her career to inspire healthy behavior change in herself and in others through progress, focusing on exercise and fitness. Ali graduated with her BA from Oregon State University. During her time in college, Ali spent two years living abroad in Mexico and Italy. Quickly, Ali learned that traveling is important to her and the lifestyle she wants to live. Now fluent in Italian and Spanish, Ali hopes to connect with the global market taking RetiFit to Spanish and Italian speaking communities around the world. As a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (Les Mills, MOSSA), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Nutrition coach (Precision Nutrition), Ali has helped thousands of clients progress toward a healthier version of themselves. See what people have said about Ali!

Nearly 150 participants recently started and many completed a Beta-test for one of RetiFit’s 90-day programs that Ali herself designed. See what people have said about Ali's 90-day programs.

Through RetiFit, Ali can’t wait to get in front of large audiences around the world and share her energy and passion to genuinely show others how committing to and choosing progress over perfection can lead to dreams coming true sooner than later.

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