Ali Reti

Ali Reti

We're back with our 25th episode of the Progress over Perfection podcast. Today, I'm talking about "The Hustle For Worthiness," inspired by Brene Brown. A close friend of mine recently confided in me that she feels unworthy in her new job. Knowing her, I knew without a doubt she was giving 110%, but she still felt like no matter how hard she worked she needed to keep proving herself.

That got me wondering, how many of us spend our lives "proving" ourselves to others? Whether it's in a job or relationship, the hustle for worthiness can only lead to one thing: disappointment.

Show Notes:

The Pathway to Worthiness:

  1. Being careful not to connect our worth to things outside ourselves: Jobs, Relationships, Status, etc.
  2. Acknowledge when you're seeking external validation --Example, Facebook
  3. We've talked a lot about self-care and self-love on the podcast, but I want you to ask yourself if you're really doing this? Taking time to reconnect with yourself helps to diminish the external need.
  4. Success comes from believing you're worthy- they hired you for a reason, they see greatness in you. Don't make up a story that they think all these things, that'll get those demons running laps in your mind.


Interview with Brene & Oprah: