A recovering perfectionist, Ali Reti is intimately familiar with how losing sight of the forest for the trees can cause crippling stress and anxiety on a regular basis. She’s come to realize that exercise—particularly the kind RetiFit prescribes—is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to loosening the grip that negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors have on our everyday lives. Ali has dedicated her career to inspiring healthy behavior change in others through exercise and fitness.

Ali earned her B.A. in Spanish from Oregon State University. As an undergraduate, she spent two years studying abroad in Mexico and Italy, during which time she became fluent in Italian and Spanish and fell head-over-heels in love with traveling and experiencing other cultures. Travel is now an integral part of Ali’s life, and Ali hopes to connect with the global fitness market by taking RetiFit to Spanish and Italian-speaking communities around the world. As a Certified Group Exercise Instructor (Les Mills, MOSSA), Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), and Precision Nutrition Coach, Ali has helped thousands of clients progress toward a healthier version of themselves. Through RetiFit, Ali can’t wait to get in front of audiences around the world and share her energy and passion in demonstrating to others how committing to and choosing progress over perfection can lead to realized dreams and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

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