Stuck In A Fitness Rut?

Stuck In A Fitness Rut?

Picture this:

Your roll out of bed excited to move your body because you've truly found something that doesn't feel like "work". You feel great, your motivation level is high and all is well in your world.

I love this feeling, it's THE BEST.

But sometimes, you might have experienced that once "effortless motivation" starting to dwindle. Your skipping more opportunities to get out and move, you feel bored, tired and quite frankly a little disheartened that your routine no longer brings you the same about of joy it once did.

This is totally normal!

One of the beautiful things about fitness is the plethora of options we have at our fingertips. From exercise classes to sports to walks on the trail, I truly believe there's something for everyone.

After working with thousands of people, one of the biggest themes I've helped people with is coming to terms with their fitness routines. Many of the clients asked me over the years...

"Is it normal to all of the sudden fall out of love with my routine?"

Yessssssss. Of course it is. I like to describe the way we move our bodies with the seasons. We need certain things during certain times in our lives and some of those carry over and others don't. In the summer months, I love getting outside and hitting the trails and spending as much time in the sun as possible. In the winter, I don't get to be outside as much, so my routine naturally changes. My point is, sometimes our best medicine is shifting gears and trying something new. Keeping things fresh is essential to avoiding boredom and continuing to put your joy for movement at the top of the list over "I need to workout X way because so-and-so said to."

If you don't enjoy your routine, you NEED to watch this episode where I break down 3 ways you can get over your funk and fall in love with movement again.


I would love to hear from you. Do you change up your routine often? What are some of the ways you find help keep things fresh for you? Be sure to let me know in the comments below!

With Joy,