Thank you Anne for sharing your experience with RetiFit so far. How has RetiFit helped you? Modifications tailored to me!

Anne, Beta-tester

For the first time in my life with RetiFit, I have a structured exercise plan to follow and it has changed my life! I'm a mum of a 3 year old and a 5 year old who works from home. Before RetiFit, I had lost complete confidence in my body and never believed I would be truly strong and healthy again. With my new increased strength, my abdominal pains have disappeared. I get less migraines and headaches and I'm so strong—I can garden for hours without ill effect. I now religiously exercise 6 times per week and the accountability of the group coaching has made me stick to this for three whole months. I'm leaner and more toned. RetiFit has changed my life, hopefully forever!

Lucy Parsons, Beta-testers

I want to thank Ali for this opportunity to embark on a health journey that unveiled weak areas, honed my strengths, and challenged the status quo. During this adventure, I had my highs and lows and stared uncertainty in the face. I lost 10 lbs of mostly fat and gained lots of muscle. I started out being able to do 1 pull up and built my way up to 10 pull ups in a row and 21 per session. I feel stronger and plan to continue this journey. I recommend this to anyone who thinks their workout needs to be shaken up or needs a jump start.

Julie Hinson, Beta-tester

I think your program is awesome! Unfortunately, I didn't finish it this first go around, but I'm starting it over from the beginning tomorrow and I'm dragging some family members along with me. I just wanted to say kudos to you! You've put together something really cool and I hope it takes off in a huge way. I look forward to keeping up with everything you have up your sleeve.

Kari Timmerman, Beta-tester