Reti, Sweat, Go Time!

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Ali Reti with the Workout of the day (WOD) for Wednesday, Feb 3rd, 2016

*Listen/watch from min 7:25 and onward closely for detailed instructions and visual demonstrations (but really watch the whole thing!)

Circuit #1:

  • Curtsy Lunge: 10 each leg
  • Pulse Squat: 20
  • Push-up with reach: 12
  • Plank: 30 seconds

Circuit #2:

  • Burpee: 10
  • Lunges: 10 each leg
  • Hip (Glute) Bridges: 15
  • Side Plank: 30 seconds each side


Good luck and Cheers to making Progress today! Check out our Programs page to learn more about our 90-day programs.

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