Emotional and mental benefits

On Feeling Amazing...

"Ali, I have much more energy everyday and love how my body feels! I notice that my body wants to keep moving even when it's not a workout day. Even with modifications I've seen results immediately, my body is getting firmer. I love that I'm doing something good for me 🙂 Love it!" 

- Mimi Q


"Wow, I really worked hard and it is HOT in this kitchen. Yep, I full on dunked my head under the faucet because I was so hot and sweaty. Had to share, just one more reason I love these workouts at home! Never would be doing this at the gym. Seriously it felt AMAZING.

 - Kristina B


"First workout of the week complete! Sweat dripping down my back, legs, face....feeling great! 🙂

- Jessica W


"Week 6 Day 1. Sweat Everywhere :)"

- Melissa M


"Had to modify todays workout due to the tail end of a cold, but I'm really proud I at least attempted this. I'm usually really good at making excuses why I can't workout and I can tell I'm already making a change in that department. It feels good, really good!"

- Caitlin E


"Nothing like a good mid workout, I'm gassed! Good stuff Ali."



"I feel excite and energized! I've never had back and shoulder definition like this!"

- Anne P


"Day 2 this week is done! Not an easy one as I'm still battling getting better, but it felt good to sweat!"

-Melissa M


"Thinking about Ali's comment about "progress over perfection" I decided to push a little harder tonight and for the first time was able to complete two rounds of each set in the 7 minutes. Heck yes!"

- Lacey S


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