Teamwork makes the dream work

On Exercising with Family & Friends...

"My husband joined me for the first time and it just about killed him, he said I'm officially stronger 🙂 I love him, but this is such a great realization for how far I've come in just 6 weeks!"

- Caitlin E


"Did the Friday workout with my bff who is a fitness trainer! We walked for an hour and did some great stretching and yoga. She zipped through the exercises more quickly than me but that's okay. Progress over perfection!" 

- Anne P


"Great workout today! The bear crawls to a push-up was the hardest for me and my friend. Can't wait to start getting stronger again, thanks for an amazing workout Ali!"

- Heidi M


"Hubby joined in on tonights workout and he loved it and wants to continue! I found my arms and core are much weaker than my legs. The workout was brutal, but in an awesome way. Can't wait to see my strength continue to develop!"

- Lacey S


"My husband decided to give these workouts a go with me this morning and boy did he sweat bullets! It was great to workout together!"

- Kristina B


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