It can be tailored to me

On Modifications...

"I was able to do half the reps and modified most of the exercises, but I did it! My son watched it all and said, "you're doing great mom!"

- Lynda R

"Wow! Been on a bit of a hiatus the past few weeks but I'm back at it! Anyone else finding jump rope exponentially harder then when we were kids? I modified my way through. My legs are starting to feel all terminator like! Totally worth the short term modifications šŸ™‚ "

-Ā Jennifer O

"I just finished Wednesday's workout for the week. I modified my way through as my wrist bother me. I finished it and feel so much better!"

- Lucy P

"Arms and core today after procrastinating for an hour. I managed to do 6 awkward, wobbly V-ups for the first time....woot woot!"

- Anne P

"Workouts 1 & 2 in the books. I learned that I have zero tricep strength. Those tricep push-ups were done on my knees instead of toes and I still struggled. I know it will get easier, so I'm going to keep moving onward."

-Melissa M

"Just finished my workout in the rain! Wow! Anyone else struggleĀ during the decline push-ups? Big time modifications for this girl. So glad this program has so many alternative options so I still feel successful!"

- Katie S

"It was a struggle but challenging enough for me to want to do the workout again on Wednesday! I'm so out of shape and I felt it day one. No matter how much of a struggle it was I completed both rounds and I'm so proud of myself!"

- Georgianna T

"I just finished Day 2. My arms are so sore, but in a good way! I had to do almost every modification and I didn't have time to finish my last set since I was on my lunch break but boy do I feel it! Hopefully by the end of this I will be able to do all of it without any modifications."

- Natalie J

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