No excuses – I can do it anywhere

On Convenience...

"For the last few weeks, I have been doing Monday's workout while watching the Bachelorette. Makes trashy TV feel productive. " 🙂

-Natalie J

"I knew I was in trouble after the first 30 second wall sit. Legs were shaking! Did this workout on a quick layover in Denver!"

-Jo S

"My dog kept me company during todays workout! I'm happy with myself. Got the kids squared away and before taking them to school, I fit this in. Stars are aligning!"

-Asha R

"Just finished my third workout of the week in anticipation of a busy, travel-filled weekend. I am liking the flexibility of the three-day workout plan! 🙂

-Caroline D

"On a weekend getaway with my up an hour early to get my workout in! Kicked that workouts butt!"

-Chanel S

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