90-minutes a week is doable!

On Commitment...

"I get up at 6 am Monday-Friday and get these workouts in before the kids get up. It makes the mornings a bit rushed, but it's the only way I can consistently fit it in. I'm loving it and am even tempted to take extra walks in the evening because I just love to move!"

- Lucy P


"Well I am pretty darn proud of myself! I took a week off because our sweet baby girl we adopted joined our family! Finding time to do anything besides care for her has been a struggle. I promised myself I wouldn't take more than a week off, so I squeezed another day in. It took me an hour and a half, but I did it!"  

- Melissa M


"Workout is done for the week! this is my first week of my summer job while I am finishing my last few weeks of my teaching job. I'm also trying to squeeze in runs to be ready for my relay in less than a month. But, I'm now to the point of feeling off if I don't get my workouts in."  

- Lindsay E


"I've had a hard time getting up to exercise. I slept poorly three nights in a row and all I want to do is hit snooze regularly. I decided to look up a youtube video and do 30 min of yoga. I feel better for not having pushed myself too hard today, but still having done something!

- Lucy P


"Back at it! I started strong the first two weeks and then my boys got out of school and I went out of town. All of your posts kept me motivated so I started again and am now two weeks in!" 

- Kerry B


"Travel day today, but got up early enough to do a 12k walk complete with hills!"

- Anne P


"I had absolutely no desire to workout today. But I did little steps. First I put in my contacts, then I changed my clothes and went downstairs. Eventually I got through it. Knowing it will be over in 30 minutes helps so much. I'm SO glad I did it!

- Caitlin E


"I'm currently on vacation and it's one of the most active vacations I've ever had. Thanks to going strong from the workouts, I worked out everyday with hiking, paddle boarding and kayaking. Yay!"

-Anne P


"Go out to breakfast or workout, then go to Starbucks? My hubby and I had a hard choice but chose the gym! I'm so glad we did.

- Audrey B


"I fit these into my schedule whenever I can. I am a mom, I run my spiritual business, and so much more. I love that they are only 30 min, it makes it hard to come up with an excuse as to why I can't fit it in!"

- Mimi Q


"I try to plan to do these at the beginning of the week but even if my plans change last minute I tell myself it's only 30 minutes so I have to make time!"

- Elyse S


"I am able to do the workouts shortly after my daughter goes down for her afternoon nap. I am able to accomplish the other chores left for during her sleep, but dedicating 30 minutes to this regimen is easy!

- Stefani B


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