Ali’s expertise is key

On Coaching...

"You are amazing, Ali! You remind me that I will still get results if I have to miss a workout now and then. I have seen little changes in my strength and it motivates me to keep going. It also takes a bit of the pressure I put on myself off. Thank you thank you! 🙂

- Emily S


"Finally got around to starting these workouts after a big move. I love these Ali, I can't wait for more!"

- Amanda F


"Ali is spot on. She reminds me daily how important my mindset is. I was a top athlete all my life and now I cannot recognize my body. Each of these workouts is a triumph for me. Thank you Ali, for pushing me and helping me get the athlete in me back!"  

- Mirna G


"Today I was able to do all the rounds in my workout even though my upper body strength isn't as good as my lower body. It helped that I paced myself better this go around. You're kicking my but from afar, Ali!

- Ashleigh W


"Workouts done for the week! This workout plan is awesome Ali" 🙂

- Kristina B


"Just completed day 1 of the program. I am SWEATIN! Such a challenging workout, but I know I'm only getting  stronger from here. Thanks os much for the amazing opportunity Ali!"

- Jennifer O


"I knew it was time to get fit. Ali is the perfect gal to learn from, she has a good energy about her and really cares about your results. A real angel doing her work in the world."

- Mimi Q


"Did Wednesdays workout outside on the football field. Such a great workout, Ali!

- Maia V


"I just finished doing some gardening. Usually I am exhausted after all that bending, stretching and twisting and useless for the rest of the day. Today, it was easy and i feel great! Thanks, Ali, for making everyday tasks easier!"

- Lucy P


"Love this program. I walked over 10k steps today and paddle boarded for over an hour! Thank you for this wonderful program Ali!"

- Anne P


"I'm proudest of my consistency and I think that consistency is what has led to the other benefits. I've exercised 6 days per week every week since this challenge began. For me, that's something I never thought I'd fit into my life. I'm stronger and fitter and have much leaner arms than ever. Thank you, Ali, for this life-changing experience!"

- Lucy P

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