Making so much progress

On Progress and Results...

"I can see muscles I never knew I had!" 

- Stefani B


"Just finished my third workout of week 8, and I feel great! I skipped two or three of the twelve workouts this month, but I am still seeing results. Yay for the most defined abs I have ever had!"  

- Caroline D


"I've been going at this 110%, workouts, nutrition, the whole deal. And it feels so good to see progress. I feel a million times better all around. Sleeping better, more energy, skin is more clear. Let's keep rocking this!"  

- Crystal S


"WOW! Celebrating the firs time my running app has ever said "one hour"! Getting stronger ever day! 

- Lucy P


"Today was my first solo workout with my buddy. I worked harder and faster completing more than ever. Burpees are now easy for me and they were difficult to begin with. I am definitely stronger overall in my lifting. My presses are up from 25# per side to 37 1/2#. Not bad for an old lady." 🙂

- Audrey B


"The walking plans almost killed me the first time. I now can complete them with no breaks or only one break!" 

- Lindsay E


"Feeling stronger and having FUN!"

- Kristina B


"My self-confidence and perceived body image have greatly improved. I am also seeing gains in strength. I no longer need to modify exercises like I did at the start!"

- Caroline D


"WOW! 3 workouts in and I can already tell my core is getting stronger! LOVE IT! Thanks Ali."

- Katie S


"I love how much I'm spending in the fat burning zone. I found my clothes fitting differently, so I re-measured. Down 4.5" already! Woohoo!"

- Lindsay E


"I am NOT a fan of scales and thought, why not hop on today? I am down 9 pounds!!! Ali, thank you for letting me be me and understanding the self destructing behaviors associated with perfectionism. I am ready for another rocking workout!"

- Julie H


"In one month I've gone from frustrated and feeling weak to energized and strong!"

- Anne P


"Such a great program! Down to using 60 sec rests between rounds. Lets go!"

- AJ G


"The core strength training has done wonders for my running form. I can't wait to get through all 12 weeks. My midsection will be rock solid!"

- Jonathan S


"I set a PR for my 6 mile run yesterday! I've gained leg and core strength from this program which in turn has helped my running!"

- Lacey S


"I was feeling a bit unmotivated and frustrated today like the amount I was doing wasn't enough and wasn't making a difference so I took a picture. I'm very surprised with the results given the small amount I've been able to do the last couple of weeks and now have the motivation to push through the next half of the workouts!"

- Caitlin E


"Still a ways to go, but weight in at under 200lbs today. First time in years! Baby steps...I'm so happy right now!"

- Joe S





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