Meg Doll

Meg Doll

megMeg specializes in helping others heal their bodies by nourishing themselves with real food. She also believes that you must nourish your mind with positive, loving thoughts for a healthy mind, which explains why clients and friends call me “the Queen of Positive Self Talk.”

After years of darkness, she is now living a life that glows with confidence, health, and happiness and it is her mission to help you do the same. She empowers you with the tools you need to nourish yourself, heal your body and free yourself from whatever is holding you back from being your radiant self.

Show Notes:

  • 5:20 Meg's story
  • 9:35 How she rid herself of the things that were no longer serving her
  • 12:50 Learning to trust yourself with food and exercise
  • 17:30 What does it mean to listen to yourself?
  • 21:40 The key to accepting your body
  • 24:53 Actionable steps to take if you are struggling with an eating disorder
  • 30:30 When health is at the forefront of our decisions, it makes all the difference
  • 34:45 What does it mean to choose progress over perfection?

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