Sarah Hays Coomer

Sarah Hays Coomer

sarah-hays-coomerWe're back with episode 15 of the Progress over Perfection Podcast. In today's episode, I interview Sarah Hays Coomer, the author Lightness of Body and Mind: A Radical Approach To Weight and Wellness. Sarah founded Strength Outside In, which is an uprising, a rejection of the idea that we need to control and overpower our bodies in order to make them better, stronger, and healthier. It's a movement toward authentic wellbeing in which we wiggle, wriggle, bounce, roll or otherwise crawl our way toward better health in whatever way we can manage. Sarah is a personal trainer and #DietAbolisionist. You will never find Sarah at a bootcamp. Instead, you will find her wandering the hills of Tennessee, California, and anywhere else with sunshine, air, and a mountain to climb- stopping whenever she feels like it to lay flat on her back with a bottle of water in one hand and a cookie in the other.

Show Notes:

  • Her start in the wellness and fitness industry
  • Why she felt called to write her book
  • Her radical approach, and why she's knocking peoplep's socks off (in the best possible way)
  • Her client's success stories, and why they're able to maintain lasting results
  • Her approach on exercise, and why you can't get a body you love by doing things you hate
  • Why we need to move away from trying to control our bodies
  • Her strong emphasis on strength, power, adventure and vitality over appearance
  • How she chooses progress over perfection in her daily life

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