Legs + Booty Workout

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Legs + Booty Workout!

Hi friends. How are you?? I've been so excited to bring you these new workouts as they've really been delivering incredible results over the last year. This legs and booty workout is great to build strong, lean legs. The combination of movements not only challenges your strength, but also gets your heart pumping (ummm holla for sneaking cardio into any workout)!

Always incorporate a 5-10 minute warm-up before starting these workouts. It really makes a difference when you dive into a workout with warm muscles. It prevents injury and maximizes your results 🙂 It can be as simple as a walk on the treadmill, some jumping jacks and high knees, there are endless options. More videos to come to help you with warm up ideas!


Legs + Booty Workout

This workout is designed to really get your heart rate up. That being said, I want you to move as quickly through the exercises in each circuit (while maintaining great form) in order to make that happen. You will perform a Circuit 1 time (grab water only if needed) and immediately do the same circuit 1-2 more times.


Circuit 1: 3 Rounds Total

12-15 Barbell hip lifts (you can also put a plate and put it in your lap and do a bridge with a plate or dumbbell)

12-15 Banded squat walk

12-15 Banded lunges (30 total, 15 each side)

12-15 Single leg deadlifts (right side, then left)


Circuit 2: 3 Rounds Total 

12-15 Sumo dumbbell squat (wide legs with toes turned out, push your knees out towards your toes)

12-15 dumbbell racked squat (holding dumbbell near chest)

12-15 elevated lunge right side with a dumbbell (foot on a step or a chair) immediately into 12-15 lunge hops on the right side

Repeat everything on the left side


Circuit 3: 3 Rounds Total

12-15 Banded squat (sit back on to heels and drive hips forward squeezing glutes at the top)

12-15 Banded squat with a dumbbell 

12-15 Dumbbell Deadlifts 

30 total (15 each side) Banded squat hops


Circuit 4: 3 Rounds Total

12-15 Banded knees open and close 

15ea side Banded kickbacks (R side, then L)

15ea side Banded hamstring kick backs (lift foot straight towards the sky)

12-15 Jump squat (or just a squat)


Let me know if you try this workout ~ you can #RetiFitlegday so I can cheer you on!!!

This weeks playlist!

I know how important music is to a motivating workout. That's why I've designed playlists each week to keep you inspired through every rep. I love hearing your favorite workout songs right now too, so be sure to leave them in the comments below!


Happy lifting friends 🙂 I can't wait to see your check-ins and connect soon!

Xoxo Ali