Kes Rocha

Kes Rocha

kes_rochaOn today's episode of the Progress over Perfection Podcast, we're discussing how to beat your sugar addiction. With the holiday's in full force, it's safe to say many of us are feeling the impacts of the higher levels of sugar consumption. Today, I interview Kes Rocha who knows sugar addiction all too well.

Kes Rocha, is a body loving, disease prevention focused Health & Wellness Morning Routine Specialist and creator of the SUGAR REPAIR 6-WEEK PROGRAM, CLEAN EATING CHALLENGE, and her Signature 90 day KEEP EATING SIMPLE (KES) Plan®.

After years of coaching her clients meet their weight loss health goals, she kept hearing the same struggles. "I'm addicted to sugar"! "My addiction with sugar and food is ridiculous and is affecting my health and general life." "I don't know how to quit."

She observed this in so many clients that she devised a way to interrupt the cycle, help them kill their sugar addictions and give women back their lives and the power to make their own routines that work for them, SIMPLY!

Having kicked her own sugar addiction over 2 years ago she's now empowering others how to do the same. When she's not sharing inspiration with others on Facebook or in her challenges, she's enjoying the mountains of beautiful Utah with her handsome high school sweetheart, her look-just-like-mom teenage daughters, and the rest of the Rocha clan that all live within a mile of home.

Show Notes:

  • Who is Kes?
  • Why her own story and struggles with sugar inspired her to become a health coach
  • Are you addicted to sugar? How to know....
  • 9 questions you can ask yourself to see if you're addicted to sugar:
  • What are the true harms of sugar?
  • How can you kick the habit?

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