Willow Bradner

Willow Bradner

willow-bradnerToday's episode is a special one. I was so excited to be able to do my first in person interview with Willow Bradner who is an exceptional human being. When I met Willow 2 years ago, I had never personally experienced the presence of a psychic. Quite frankly I didn't really know much about what being psychic entailed except fort what we see int he movies. Crystal balls and other misleading information.

As someone who never thought she'd be a believer, I encourage you to listen to this episode with an open mind. Willow's energy and story speak volumes for themselves. This gift and calling chose Willow, and it's a testament to many of us who at times feel our career chose us. Willow shares invaluable tips on how to connect to your intuition, how to get to the core of your inner voice and figure out what it is you really want.

Please help me Welcome Willow, the accidental psychic to the show!

Show Notes:

  • What is intuition?
  • How you can discover your inner voice
  • Why are people so afraid to tap into their intuition and their voice?
  • Our distorted view of what intuition and being psychic is
  • Willow's childhood story and the gift she possessed but ignored for many years
  • How can you start to make change and tap into your intuition?
  • What does it mean to really be grounded?
  • Ask these 3 questions to create more awareness in your day to day life: What do I want? How does it feel? What do I love?
  • What should you do when your ego shows up?
  • How to shift from the victim mentality
  • Why we need connection so desperately
  • What Willow is most excited about
  • How Willow chooses Progress over Perfection

Connect with Willow:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/willowbradner/
Website: http://www.willowbradner.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/willowbradner1/