Hanna Saar

Hanna Saar

hanna-saarHanna is wise beyond her years. A psychologist turned mindset and strategy coach, Hanna believes living your fullest live is all about crafting the life you've always wanted. Getting confident and lighting up from the inside, making big visions into actionable plans, breaking out of the loop and changing for good.

Show Notes:

  • Hanna's background
  • How she became passionate about helping women overcomer their fear and turn their dreams into manageable action steps
  • The most common hangups when it comes to people not putting themselves out there to reach their dreams
  • Why fear shows up and why it's a GOOD thing
  • Why procrastination is basically FEAR
  • The key to overcoming fear
  • Why fear is merely information
  • Why taking action comes naturally once you work through your fear and self doubt
  • The sense of security that staying the same brings
  • Top 3 tips to be productive as a new mom
  • Why having less time as a mom actually creates more productivity in your life

Connect with Hanna:

Website: http://www.dreamersociety.co/