Food Overwhelm On Social Media

Food Overwhelm On Social Media

Food overwhelm on social media

Picture this.

You log in to your Facebook account to catch up on friends and family after a few days away. Immediately, an article on "the 10 foods you should NEVER eat again" pops up on your news feed. Naturally you click and begin reading....

"Fruit contains too much sugar, meat is the devil, dairy is a no-no, plants are only to be eaten raw...."

It's no wonder you sit there thinking, "well what the hell should I be eating?" There is conflicting information everywhere. The "noise" drowns out that little voice inside your head that says, "forget what you read, you're doing great."

Instead, you go straight into a shame cycle.

"Maybe my diet isn't strict enough. Maybe my exercise program isn't hardcore enough."

 It's all so overwhelming.

You'd give anything to go back to the simple days of eating what you want, when you want. To be able to roam social media without feeling the need to try every new diet and exercise program simply because it's what everyone else is doing.

Hear me when I say I get you. Wholeheartedly. 

For years I struggled to overcome food overwhelm on social media. I lost the ability to trust myself. I forgot what it was like to move my body in ways that felt good for me. I forgot what it felt like to eat the foods that felt in accordance with my body.

And that's why I created today's video.

I want you to remember some key principles when it comes to your health and wellness. Only you know best. No one can tell you the perfect diet or program for you. Through trial and error and learning to listen to your body, you get to decide that for yourself. If you're doing something that you don't enjoy and it sucks the life out of you, give yourself permission to change courses. Discover ways of eating and moving your body that feel freeing. 

I hope today's episode reminds you that you're never alone.

Have you experienced food overwhelm on social media? If so, how did you overcome it? I'd love to know in the comments below!

Have a great week,

Xoxo Ali

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