Ep 62: Are you struggling? This will help.

I debated whether or not to even release this episode. In fact I almost didn't record it because I knew it wouldn't be "near perfect" quality like my other episodes. And then I reminded myself that you don't listen to this podcast for perfection, you come back time and time again because you want RAW and REAL and UNCUT episodes, and that is what this episode encapsulates entirely.

Last night I took a sunset walk after a really tough couple of days. Walking immediately changes my mood (my state to be exact) and so I knew it would be so healing and freeing for me. About 10 minutes in I broke down and had this urge to record a podcast, in the moment. I feel it's so important to write and talk about things in the moment, because often it's hard to really capture the same motion later. 

I think about you all and how you handle tough days. What you must be thinking/feeling/wondering about, and so today I share exactly what was on my heart during my walk. Breakdowns and all. And the beautiful thing? Simply by talking it through with you I felt more like myself than I had in days.

I really hope you enjoy today's episode, and now I'd love to hear from you. What do you do on tough days? How do you cope? As always, I LOVE hearing from you. You are what keeps me going. Please feel free to head over to instagram and let me know in the comments. Something you're struggling with, something I can help you with, or simply how this episode spoke to you.


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