Ep 50: How Community Saved Me w/Tessa Hollyn Taub

Episode 50:

Can you believe this is our 50th episode??? Holy smokes, time flies when you're having fun and living your purpose. It's been an honor to connect with you for the past 8 and a half months and I truly cannot wait to continue to grow together through wisdom, interview, and most importantly, taking ACTION on what resonates with us.

Today's interview features a special gal who I've known for about a year. We had an instant connection and this podcast is a long time coming. Tessa Hollyn Taub is someone who oozes passion and drive. She loves helping people truly get to the bottom of their health struggles so they can show up in their body and own their life. Her story has so many inspiring twists and turns that almost anyone can relate to her message. 

Tessa unveils how her community saved her growing up and what a large part it plays in her life today. One of the most beautiful things we can do as human beings on the planet is connect with one another. Tessa's myriad of stories will beautifully reveal how a young girl with a dream has blossomed into such a successful thought leader in the wellness and fitness industry today.

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