How you benefit from rest days

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Rest days

Episode 45: 

A friend recently reached out to me asking what my outlook on rest days is. This is a topic I'm extra passionate about. In an industry that can lean towards promoting "more is better" and "there are no excuses for not fitting in a workout," I feel quite different about this topic. I don't believe you need anyone telling you whether or not you're making up excuses. We all know when we're falling prey to that behavior, and in circumstances such as that, the best thing we can do is come to that conclusion on our own. To take ownership for our actions and decide to make a change.

In today's episode, I share my personal struggles early on in my journey when it came to embracing rest days and extra sleep. It took me quite a few years to realize that "less is truly more." That by allowing my body to have time off when it's sore, hurting or sick actually heightens my results in the long run. 

I realize this can be a difficult concept to comprehend. I wouldn't be surprised if you struggle in the beginning figuring out what that balance looks like in your life. I'm here to reassure you though, that you can do it. That while it may seem scary to pull back on the intensity, your body will thank you. You might even find you enjoy moving your body more when you give it time away.

Show Notes:

  • Why rest days are so important to your results and your health
  • How many rest days should you take in your personal journey?
  • What are the benefits when you rest and take time off?
  • What are the side effects of not resting when your body needs it?
  • What should you do if you are super sore?
  • What should your food look like on the days that you don't exercise? Should it be different than your active days?
  • Should you rest completely on your days "off," or is active rest a great option?
  • How important sleep is to your results and why it will actually be the very thing that takes you closer to where you want to be physically
  • How sleep and rest promote weight-loss, if that's your goal

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