Ep 043: My favorite things (workouts + recipes + snacks + gym essentials + protein powders)

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My favorite things

Happy Monday friends!

People often ask me, "what are your favorite things? Workouts, recipes, protein powder, etc." I thought doing a podcast episode on this very topic would not only be fun, but helpful to those of you who may be on the hunt for some new (amazing) products. To help you ease the process of finding all of the products I mentioned in this episode, I have linked every single item below for you! These brands are all tried and true, I do not recommend anything that I do not love or use myself!

Show Notes:

1. My favorite workouts:

  1. RetiFit Workouts (24 minutes)
  2. Orange Theory
  3. RPM
  4. Bodypump
  5. Core Power

2. Favorite fitness apparel 

  1. Athleta
  2. Prana
  3. Nike
  4. Adidas
  5. TJ Max
  6. Target
  7. Old Navy

3. Favorite workout shoes

  1. These Asics or these
  2. These Adidas

4. After gym necessities to get clean and ready fast!

  1. Toms deodorant
  2. Dry Shampoo or this one is my personal fav 
  3. Face Wipes
  4. Rx Bars    Epic Bars     Lara Bars

5. Top 5 pieces of equipment for at home workouts

  1. Bands
  2. A Step
  3. Dumbbells
  4. Kettlebell
  5. TRX Strap

6. Favorite Recipes

  1. Chia seed pudding 
  2. Lemon Poppyseed Muffins
  3. Plantain Waffles
  4. My fav banana bread
  5. No bake protein balls 
  6. Coconut Curry Kale
  7. Crispy Chicken thighs by Paleomg
  8. Kale Salad by Simply Real Health
  9. Egg cups by Paleomg
  10. Easy Protein Pancakes by Paleomg

7. Favorite Treats

  1. Plantain Chips
  2. Justins Nut Butter, I love chocolate hazelnut flavor, this maple almond butter and this vanilla almond butter. They also do great peanut butters, all the links above will direct you to the peanut butter flavors as well
  3. Wild friends is another favorite nut butter. I love that both of these company's are local for me (Justin's is in Boulder, Co and Wild friends are from my other home, Portland Or)!

8. Favorite Protein Powder

  1. Collagen Powder


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