Eating Healthy While Traveling

Eating Healthy While Traveling

Hello friends, I hope you're doing well and enjoying your weekend! We are headed to a Haunted Halloween hayride later with friends, so I'm pretty excited for that adventure. Before I go, I want to leave you with today's topic:

Eating healthy while traveling.

11071733_10101624798502768_7659029780665489214_nWith quite a few trips recently, I've had some requests for tips and tricks on eating healthy while traveling. Traveling has been a huge part of my life since my first study abroad at the age of 16. After my time in Mexico, travel became one of my biggest core values. When I met my husband, we definitely shared that value in common. My passion for languages and his unique ability to plan luxury trips for pennies on the dollar has taken our wanderlusting to a whole new level. Needless to say, I've been dabbling for the last few years on how to make our healthy lifestyle work seamlessly with our travels. It's not always been easy, and I'm still learning new things with every excursion, but I can say with confidence that a few key things have helped me along the way.

Airplane Snacks

While my ideal would be to eat an actual meal before a flight, it's not always feasible depending on security lines, and options in certain concourses vary drastically. Some of my favorite travel snacks are:

-Baby Food (These packets are my go-to). The spinach and apple are sweet, which makes it quite yummy. I've had a few weird looks on the airplane, but it's such an easy thing to travel with. These are the perfect size for airport regulations. I always crave veggies while I travel, so these really help me in that department.
-RX Bars (I love the blueberry, pumpkin spice and apple cinnamon)
-Epic Bars (Great source of protein)
-Plantain chips
-Almond/Peanut butter packets (I love Justins)
-Kale Chips
-Water bottle (I fill it at a water station at the airport)

I save at least 3-5 things for the flight home, this way if I can't find these items at my destination, I'm good to go on the way home as well.

Car Trips:

If you're doing a road trip, then coolers are awesome! I still take the above snacks but will also include:
-Hummus for the Hubs
-Drinks (Water, Kombucha, etc)
-Pre-made snacks like protein balls, bars, etc
When you arrive at your destination: 


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I don't go overboard, but I do find the nearest Whole Foods to stock up on some veggies, fruit, and whatever else I can to make sure we have nourishing eats in our fridge when we get hungry. Over the years I've found that I actually don't love snacking but much prefer real meals, so when in doubt I will opt for those. Again, like I mentioned above, things happen, schedules change, etc so having great food in our room is always ideal.

Hotel Tips:

The hubs will usually call ahead to find out what our room includes (fridge, microwave, etc) and that way we can plan accordingly. It's worked really well to request a fridge (usually about $25 for the duration of your stay) and a microwave. Note: We only do this if we are staying for 3+ days. If it's a weekend trip, I usually make do. Not to say that you shouldn't get one for shorter trips, just letting you know what's worked for us.


International Travel:



I've found that part of the enjoyment of international travel is embracing the culture and the food. While eating healthy while traveling is important, I try not to stress about it. I try and avoid things like sugar and processed foods when possible, but I really try to avoid having rules for myself, and this really helps me make choices that feel right in the moment. For example, while we were in Italy, I at an ice cream cone almost everyday, sometimes twice a day. I didn't stress it, because it was what I wanted, I wasn't overeating and we were walking 20,000+ steps a day. My best advice is enjoy yourself. Ask yourself, "what is it I really want right now," and eat that. I've had numerous friends come to me after spending weeks abroad and say, "Ali, I lost weight. How is that possible?" There certainly is something to be said about eating in a relaxed state, listening to what your body is craving and being in the moment.

There you have it my friends. Now I'd love to hear from you. What are some of your favorite travel snacks? What are things you've found that help you continue to eat healthy while traveling?