Donnie DeSanti

Donnie DeSanti

396802_342082742535221_1512734924_nOn today's episode of the Progress over Perfection podcast, health coach Donnie DeSanti shares his personal story about healing his ADHD through diet and exercise. After reading many of Donnie's testimonials, I knew there was something unique about him. His approach to his clients, their goals, and helping them succeed longterm is refreshing. Like many of the guests on the podcast, you won't be surprised that he asks his clients more than just "hows your food and exercise."

Show Notes:

  • Donnie's story {healing from ADHD naturally through food and exercise}
  • Why his story prompted him to want to give back to others in a similar way
  • His holistic approach with clients, and why it works
  • How YOU can thrive in the New Year with just a few simple changes
  • How he rumbles with choosing {progress over perfection}

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