About RetiFit

About RetiFit

Ali Reti, founder of RetiFit, has the kind of natural energy that makes coffee-addicts green with envy. Cheerful, vivacious, and rarely without a smile on her face, Ali epitomizes the phrase, “Ready, set, go!”—even when it’s 5 a.m. and the sun has yet to rise. Ali’s last name and overall ethos may have inspired the RetiFit name, but as the business has evolved, those two words—”ready” and “fit”—have come to represent our mission, our values, and the way we live our lives.“If you find something that you love, and that you’re good at, and that helps people solve a problem, then you can’t fail.” Ever heard that saying? Well, we hadn’t either, until we made it up.
It not only makes complete sense to us, but encapsulates how we began dreaming up RetiFit. Co-founders Ali Reti and her husband Ben Lampert knew long before they met each other that they were more interested in pursuing the exciting entrepreneurial lifestyle than settling on more traditional careers. And then, less than 24 hours after they met and had their first date, Ali and Ben found themselves hiking up the Chautauqua trail in Boulder, Colorado, dreaming and brainstorming and realizing that their commitment to the entrepreneurial lifestyle was, quite literally, soaring to new heights. After that, it was no longer a matter of “if,” but of “when” and “how.”

What Fuels Our Fire

Raised in both Colorado and Oregon, Ali grew up watching her parents pour sweat, blood, and tears into owning their own businesses. But despite the near-daily challenges, it was clear that the struggles were worth it. Through her parent's entrepreneurial successes and failures, Ali learned first-hand that the best way to make a living is by first making a genuine life.

For her, the center of that genuine life is wellness education and fitness services. Ali's professional experiences over the past 10 years have reinforced her commitment to progressing in life highlighting wellness and fitness—she loves it, she's good at it, and most importantly, she's seen it help people and change lives, time and time again. Join us as we create a new standard in wellness and fitness focused on progress over perfection.

Why We're Successful

In our heart of hearts, we believe that RetiFit’s vision and mission will help make this world a better place to live in by improving the lives of those who live in it. We strive to be a global voice and leader in the wellness and fitness industry. Around the world, and in-person in Boulder, CO, RetiFit clients are empowered by our results-oriented commitment to be a catalyst for worldwide social change and individual healthy behavior change. Join us as we create a new standard in wellness and fitness.  Ready? Shout it with us from rooftops around the world: PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION! One day at a time.

Always Room for Improvement

We are constantly learning, growing, and changing in order to provide the best service and best products to our clients. While we are supremely confident in what we do, we are humbly aware that there is always opportunity to do things better. We greatly appreciate any and all constructive feedback from members of the RetiFit community, in all facets of our brand and business—from our programs to our online Facebook community, from our website to how we market to you. Drop us a note at hello@retifit.com and let us know what you’d like to see us doing differently. We’d love to hear from you.

Meet Ali

  • Ali Reti

    A recovering perfectionist, Ali Reti is intimately familiar with how losing sight of the forest for the trees can cause crippling stress and anxiety on a regular basis. She’s come to realize that exercise—particularly the kind RetiFit prescribes—is the ultimate game-changer when it comes to loosening the grip that negative…

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